The good news is there are countless hacks to make DIY motorcycle stands. These DIY motorcycle stands require a minimal burden of buying a motorcycle stand.

Making DIY motorcycle stands only acquires a few materials with easy instructions to make a simple motorcycle stand. Before you begin to know how to make a motorcycle stand, there are different ways to put a dirt bike on a stand. Such methods mention below:. Lift stand is the easiest method to put your dirt bike and do all the work without bending your back. This motorcycle stand requires no effort at all!

All you have to do is to move your bike over to the stand, place it in a proper position and use the lift to a contraption on the stand to lift the bike. The lift stand will do the rest and you do not have to worry about bending over or suffering other injuries. A side panel lift is the most popular method of lifting the dirt bike onto the stand. This method has been around for quite a long time and still used by many riders to lift their bikes onto the stand for maintenance.

If you prefer an old-fashioned way of repairing your bike, this method is right for you! To do this method is to lean your bike to the side, use your arms and hips for support to lift the bike and place it onto the stand. Rear tyre lift is almost the same as the side panel lift; the only difference is the method works by lifting the rear tyre onto the motorcycle work stand. To do this method is to carefully grab the rear tyre with your dominant hand and the rear fender with your left hand.

Lift and slowly move the bike over to the stand and centre the front. Be careful with the front tyre as the front tyre might slip during the lifting process when placing the bike onto the stand. The triangle stand is another easiest way of repairing the bike as it eliminates the need for lifting the bike! To use this method is to place the triangle stand carefully with the side of the rear tyre and repair your bike. The good thing about this stand that it is cheap and requires no expensive tools at all!

Nose wheelie is one of those methods where professional riders love to boost their skills of rolling their bikes onto the stand.Do not go Motorcycle Camping without reading this.

If you are planning on going on a camping trip, you need to read this! And no motorcycle garage would be complete without some type of stand for your bike. A stand makes it possible to do so many repair jobs from things as simple as lubing your chain, to removing the wheels or doing a complete front fork rebuild.

So, this article will cover 9 different methods for putting your motorcycle up on a stand. Center stands are permanently installed on the motorcycle usually in addition to a kickstand or side stand.

Center stands are probably most common on dual sports, adventure bikes and touring bikes, although just about any standard or sport bike can have one installed. The stand is installed just under the center portion of the bike and attached to the frame. It is spring loaded to keep it folded up under the bike when not in use. When the motorcycle is on the stand, the rear wheel will be lifted off the ground by a couple of inches.

This makes it very easy to do any type of maintenance on the rear wheel and chain, or if you just need the bike upright to do maintenance. The front wheel, however, will still contact the ground. Use caution when placing your motorcycle on the center stand as it will not be as stable as it is on the side stand.

Center stands provide only a narrow footprint and raise the center of gravity leaving your bike more vulnerable to tipping over. The center stand is also very nice to have if you do a lot of touring. It make chain maintenance on the road very easy and, if you have to fix a flat on the road, a center stand will make that possible. Another benefit is that it makes it easier to pack side cases when the bike is up on the stand.

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I find it a lot easier to secure bags onto my motorcycle if it is upright rather than leaning to one side. But, there is a technique to it. Stand at the left side of your bike. With your right foot, hold the center stand against the ground. With your right hand, grab the left side of the motorcycle some bikes come with a special handle for this and lift up, while at the same time, kicking your right foot and the center stand forward. The motorcycle will pop up onto the stand.A motorcycle stand helps to lift and hold the motorcycle's back wheel off the ground.

This allows the motorcycle to stand upright without using the kickstand. In addition, the stand can prove to be handy when you need to work on certain parts of it, especially the rear parts such as wheel, chain or brakes. Finally, it helps while displaying bike at shows so that people can see it in upright position and not at an angle.

Though, it may seem to be very difficult task, you can actually make a motorcycle stand yourself. Here's how you do it.

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You might need to adjust the measurements used below, per your requirements and the dimensions of your bike. Take 4 foot long 1-inch wide steel pipe and mark two points on it 4-inch from the center on the either side to get an 8-inch section in middle. Bend the pipe at the marked points into a U-shape. Use the metal benders for this purpose. Bend the pipe upwards and backwards towards corners of "U" shape at both ends.

These become the "arms" of the stand and when the stand will be laid on ground, these will extend vertically. Slide the stand under bike.

Make sure that both the arms fit under rear fork and are also close enough to intersect. Both the arms should be around 4 inches higher than the bottom of the rear forks so as to lift the bike enough off ground.

Cut off the excess pipe from ends of these arms. The pieces should be 2-inch by 4-inch. Weld these pieces to the top ends of arms of the stand. Use a gas arc welder for this purpose. These will act as the base for the rear forks. Arc the end of extra section to fit it around the pipe frame. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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Toggle navigation subscribe. How to Make a Custom Motorcycle Stand. Written by Umang Mittal.

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To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. What You'll Need. Blow torch.Discussion in ' The Garage ' started by fullmetalscooterDec 15, Log in or Join.

Adventure Rider. Let s see some pictures. More of a stand, works like a center stand jack Its adjustable: Extra stand for both wheels off. Theres always a way:. Joined: Sep 11, Oddometer: 80, Location: Chicago-ish. I especially dig the lightening holes! Good attention to detail! FlashmoDec 18, AustinJakeDec 18, Pit stand is for the Versys in the background, works great for the Husky, for non-rear wheel work, steel bar is passed through rotor and sprocket holes, swingarm bears the weight.

Bike is gone now but the concept is still good and is cheap, I used all the stuff I had anyway, the wife's car just needs to be out of the garage ADV Sponsors. Joined: Oct 31, Oddometer: 38 Location: between here and there. Fritzco, definitely did a double-take at that third picture.

Looked eerily similar to my garage a few weeks ago. I have no pictures, but a floor jack and a couple of jack stands are my main bike lifting tools. They're usually available cheap on Craig's List.

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Add a 2x4 and a box of screws, and you have the parts to lift most any bike you want. Only DIY in the loosest sense, but really easy, especially if you have bikes with vastly dissimilar weights and ground clearances. I've also used a work bench actually, an old lathe bench that happened to be the right size when I need a whole bike on a table, and either a CL-sourced ramp or an engine hoist came with the CL jack and jackstands to get the thing on and off.

Not trying to sound like a cheerleader for buying cheap stuff on Craig's List instead of building probably-better stuff yourself, and I'm super-down with the DIY thing, but when there are so many ready-made solutions available inexpensively, I can't really justify building this stuff with valuable time that I could be using to get hopelessly mired in yet another project bike.

DIY Motorcycle Stands | How to Build Motorcycle Stands | Sporty Journal

Joined: Oct 25, Oddometer: 15, Location: dsm, ia. I made 2 of these, each from the long section of a junk bed frame and some pieces of rebar: They work on both the KLR and the Suzuki.

WIsixfittyDec 19, Joined: Aug 7, Oddometer: 4, Location: west of road america. One sturdy wooden table. Only bitch is you have to either ramp it up or use a lift from above. It stores on end in the shop to reduce floor spce.Are you looking at building a DIY motorcycle stand for your bike?

You came to the right page. From vintage stands to modern ones, we have them all listed for your DIY pleasure. Most of the projects in this article are pretty much easy to follow.

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All you have to do is pick a project, gather the materials and tools, then follow the building steps. Are you ready to build an amazing stand for your motorbike?

Then keep reading. You would be glad you did. Firstly, you need to make a design for your adjustable paddock stand, and you can do this either by making a physical drawing or online with an app. Once you have gotten your design ready, you should move on to working on it, by cutting some square metal pipes into their desired shapes, weld them and form the base of the stand.

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The rest of the tasks and steps are easy to follow. This is a simple, movable, and easily adjustable paddock stand to make. This video tutorial started with the creator cutting pieces of metal pipes as part of the materials that will be used to make the dirt bike stand. After the cutting of the metal pipes, we have the drilling of holes into a few metal sheets.

The creator used simple and available tools to build this dirt bike stand. Motorcycle stands are usually quite small and portable, the same saying goes for this particular motorcycle stand in this video guide.

You can easily attach and detach it from your motorcycle as many times as you wish to check your wheel. The first thing to do is to cut 4, 2, and 1 piece of your square tubing pipe, take a certain dimension of the tubing pieces and weld them together. Next tac the two handles of the stand, and probably add a grip on the two handles to make it easy for you to move it and put it in the bike. You can also add reinforcement for the handles to make it stronger, and then spray paint it for a great finishing.

Click for more details. This is a great stand because it can raise the bike pretty high off the ground making it easier for you to reach those hard to see parts of the underbelly of your bike and fix any problem there. The task of creating a design on your online system is ideal, this is because you will have a clear understanding and view of what you are making. How one piece will fit into another, with this guide, as a beginner this tutorial will be a walk in the Park because of how simple it is.

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